Sundhya Alter is a writer and multidisciplinary creative exploring music and fashion through digital media and writing. She hopes to use her perspective as a biracial woman and her background in sociology to inform her work, creatively producing through themes of identity, politics, and culture. She believes in connecting to one another and expressing oneself through the art of music inspiring her own passion for storytelling. She is currently exploring internship and job opportunities for post-graduation and is interested in learning more about production, editing, and the creative process within the music industry.



Best New Artists

The pressure to operate out of your realm weighs heavy. The temptation to deviate from your principles, color outside the lines, and grow bored with routine seems insurmountable. Born in Ethiopia and raised in the DMV and LA, Sideshow raps about what he knows and tells his life story in all tenses. The first time I got hip to Sideshow was “01’beigecamry” from his 2020 album, Farley. Outside the enchanting Prodigy/Security sample, his voice felt so matter-of-fact. No undulating or lingering sylla

Best New Artists

Amindi is a Jamaican American artist based in LA, or a "first-gen Libra from Inglewood," as she puts it, who, at only 23 years old, already has over five years of experience as an artist in the public eye. Amindi started making music on GarageBand back in high school and has been sharing her songs on SoundCloud since 2013. In 2017, she had a viral moment with the fun, dancehall-inspired "Pine & Ginger," and it took her some time, and multiple subsequent releases, to remind people that she's so m

Best New Artists

A dollar and a dream. Sticky melodies and faith the size of a mustard seed. Points of view rooted in Hyde Park’s Haitian pews. Millisecond tonal shifts that color a gray lyric blue. Suffolk County slim reaper Clark D keeps it positive without pulling punches—a versatile Optimus Prime cut from the laid-back lineage of Isaiah Rashad and Curren$y, still repping MA from his new ATL homebase. Audio engineer by trade, natural star by default. Watch any of D’s videos and you’ll encounter “produced by m

Quavo Visits Kamala Harris And Calls on Gun Control Prevention

There are few things as compelling as a celebrity taking on an activist stance in a political realm. After being a bystander to Takeoff’s death in November of 2022, Migos member Quavo set out to take on gun control by launching an initiative combating gun violence in his community and across the nation. His efforts since have led him to the White House where on Wednesday Quavo sat down with Vice President Kamala Harris leading a conversation about ending gun violence in the wake of his nephew’s


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The Unhappiest Season of the Year

The Life and Influence of Virgil Abloh

New Must See Exhibit At The MET

What does "Comme Des Garçons" even mean?

Subdued luxury and the genius of Daniel Lee's Bottega Veneta

Crocs: just a trend, or here to stay?

Is Fast Fashion Fatal? The Fashion Industry’s Complicit Role in China’s Uighur Muslim Genocide

Did we Ever Really Leave the Year 2000?

Gabriela Hea

3 Songs We'll Show Our Kids

I want to preface this article by saying that picking only three songs to encapsulate my generation's contribution to music is an impossible task to narrow down. The evolution of hip-hop is complex and deeply intertwined, generations of artists inspiring each other and sampling one another in a way that makes it difficult to pin down an origin of one sound or musical movement. Subjectively, I decided to make my decisions not only based on the popularity of the song or its production value, but t

Khamari Uncovers Intimate Moments in New Music Video For “Right my Wrongs”

Ever since Khamari released his debut album A Brief Nirvana earlier this year, the rising artist has been on every R&B/soul fanatics list as a must listen, enthralling listeners through balancing thematic epochs and melancholic relativity.

Following his album, the Boston artist released the video for “Right My Wrongs,” the second video to accompany the project. The track is a momentary emotional revelation experienced in the lingering moments after a relationship ends, evoking the sense of gras

ROZES Delivers Elegantly Vengeful New Single “Happy to See You Sad”

In the hands of an artist like ROZES, rapturous musings of love and affection are not taken lightly, emotions are high-stakes chess moves and anyone who dares to play should do so with extreme caution. Throughout her discography as an independent artist, the Philadelphia artist has cast herself through this air of earnest intensity, posing as the heroine of every bad breakup and heartbreak you’ve ever had. Her new single “Happy to See You Sad” is an intimate breakthrough after reliving heartbrea

Yeek Delivers New Album 'Future Reference' [Album Review]

Yeek is an artist with a bias towards the element of surprise, venturing to genres as quickly as he leaves them behind before he’s unto the next. In his first album, Love Slacker, bedroom pop dominated the 10 song project while in his previous album, Valencia he leaned into deeply emotional R&B lyricism. For his listeners, this is part of his appeal, an image so subtly enigmatic it’s erratic versatility overshadows its unpredictability, a reputation he’s now known for. Growing up in South Flordi

The Lineup: The Best 6 Artists of July 2023

Another month, another lineup. Here are six artist that caught our attention last month you should keep in mind as we move forward into the year.

Artist and producer, Ovrkast., from East Oakland, California is on the rise with his soulful and storytelling craft. With heavy influences from Odd Future, Knxwledge, Questlove and Capital Steeze, Ovrkast. gets creative with his soothing production and lyrics. He is a self-taught artist as most of his projects are self-produced and self-written, such

Leven Kali Releases Liberating New Project, 'LET IT RAIN EP' [EP Review]

Leven Kali is one of those compelling new artists that remind us of the cyclical nature of the music industry, the ability for genres to be revived and reinvented. Rather than sampling from firmly established sounds, Kali has a gift for taking familiar genres and mixing them to the point of liberal originality. For the Santa Monica producer and singer, the release of his new EP, LET IT RAIN EP, acknowledged just that. Merging 80s R&B, funk, and house music his most recent release is an eclectic

Jordi Enters the Music Industry With Her First Single, “Hate You”

Known for her relatable TikTok videos and viral online presence, Jordi has broken into the music industry with cathartic new single “Hate You.” After teasing the song on her account leading up to the song's release, the rising artist experienced immediate traction with her first single, a track that contemplates the confusing synonymity of love, pain, and anger that linger. Resonating with her loyal online following, the singer gives listeners a song that voices all the things you wish you could

Yinka Lets her Guard Down on New Single, “Two Weeks”

In a generation where dating trends and standards around relationships have become increasingly casual, the shared emotional experience of falling for someone has remained the same since the beginning of time. The butterflies, the spark, and the magnetic pull of the chemistry that makes everything in the background hazy. Undergirded by this same feeling, Yinka looks to articulate the consuming passion of a new connection in her new single “Two Weeks.”

Both hesitant to let down her guard and ove

Avry Releases Tranquil New Single, “Figure it Out”

In his most recent release, "Figure it Out," Avry describes the wandering thoughts that often consume us, and the desperate, self-doubt that clouds our otherwise logical judgment. Accompanied by melancholic chords and a slow but moving backtrack, Avry is honest about the difficulties of anxious self-talk, the desire to move forward but being held down by the weight that can prevent us from letting go of our internal insecurities.

The rising artist sits in a mellowed, soft-spoken cadence for the

Grace Kay Releases Golden New Single, "renaissance"

In her most recent release, Grace Kay examines the ethos of healing in a track embellished with earthy tones and hues of spiritual rebirth. Honing into an indie-pop sound, the rising artist is conscious of the unpredictable chapters of life, her songs unanimously undergirded by an unhurried notion of “all in time.” The first song on her most recent EP, "renaissance" is one of the most alluring tracks on the six-song release, its knowing and assured message of never giving up mirrors the patient

Bensbeendead. Explores Dark Self Discovery in New Single, “So Evil”

In the same way that religious spaces exist as an emblematic doorway to understanding ourselves among others, many of us turn to music as an alternative religion for the same reason, an imaginative space that guarantees universality in experience. For Bensbeendead., music has recently become about manifesting universal emotion, in a previous interview with Sheesh he said “I wanted to try to convey as much of the similarity and difference that all of us share in the human experience.” In his long

Noah Guy Is Peacefully Gripping in New Single, “Small Talk Carolina”

I first discovered Noah Guy when he released his single “5 MO’ MINUTES,” and admittedly, it took less than five minutes for me to be shamelessly intrigued with the emerging Philadelphia, PA artist. Emanating eccentricity and subcultural aesthetics, Noah Guy has become a paradox outside the mainstream music scene, distinguishing himself through his obscure lyrics and retro style. His new release, “Small Talk Carolina,” follows his previous discography in that it constitutes a contemplative journe

Tiara Thomas Releases Commanding New Single, “Don’t Talk Back”

The art of seduction rests on the divine nature of femininity, the woman's ability to both capitalize and disrupt the patriarchal status by countering the dominance of the male gender. In an empowering role reversal the woman distracts the male subconscious bringing him under her control, a move Tiara Thomas is familiar with. In her new single, “Don’t Talk Back,” the artist examines a side of femininity we often don’t hear, undergirded by experimental jazz sounds, releasing the single as a nod t

A Look Into the Rise of Reggaeton in the Mainstream Music Scene [Hispanic Heritage Month]

Whether you liked the song or not, there is something to be said for the cultural impact that "Despacito" had on the American public, both in what it proved and what it promised going forward. When the track was released in 2017, it quickly took hold of American culture and transformed into what will undoubtedly be upheld as a 2010s classic. The creative decision to combine genres of American pop and reggaeton, at the time, was a burgeoning trend that connected with the entirety of America attri

Who Is Leon?

When I arranged to speak with Leon, a rising Maryland artist, what originally started as a conversation about his own creative approach turned into a fitting, yet deeper conversation about finding his place as a musician among the broader DMV music community. To fully grasp the region's relevance, I also spoke with Tia Hill, a producer and DJ from the Maryland area who drew a connection between DMV culture, identity and sound.

For Tia, tapping into the roots of the regional rap scene and procur

Samaria Returns with Lush Vocals on New Single, "Still Got 4ever"

Known for her soulful slow jams and ethereal delivery, Samaria has begun gaining large-scale attention as an R&B artist, intriguingly subtle, the rising artist plays with easy flowing harmonies that simultaneously assert a “heart-over-head” approach to relationships. In her new release “Still Got 4ever” the Bay Area artist reconciles with the give and take of loyalty and self sacrifice, and finding peace in fighting for something you love even, if it means potentially setting your ego aside.


Caleb Hearn Gets Personal on New EP, “We’re Getting Older” [EP Review]

Almost universally, music and love are used interchangeably to understand one another in often confusing, yet logical ways. While many artists use music to understand and embrace the irregularity of love, Caleb Hearn turns to music to question it. In his new EP, “We’re Getting Older,” the rising artist fleshes out the many stages of heartbreak. While his vocals welcome a dreamy cadence, Hearn uses the EP to challenge the “happily-ever-after” storybook ending, preferring to accept the peace of th

gcmayn Captures the Turmoil of Healing in New Single, “arizona”

When I heard "arizona" for the first time, what I really wanted to do was get in my car, scream, and reminisce about my last heartbreak. Luckily, not too far out, my response is exactly what gcmayn envisioned when he wrote the song. The abrasively heartfelt ode to his past love, who recently moved to Arizona with her significant other, came about as a mental release for the Seattle, WA based artist. Discussing his own struggles and relationship obstacles, gcmayn turns to music to repurpose the n
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